Who Am I?

My name is Robin McClellan and I live in New York’s North Country. Spanning the area between the Adirondacks and the St. Lawrence River and including the Tug Hill Plateau, Lake George and Lake Champlain, this is not what most people associate with “New York.” I love this wild and varied place where I live. I am passionate about improving the standard of living in the region while preserving its most valuable feature: The quality of life.

I have focused most of my life here over the last nearly 40 years as a preservationist, protecting the environment. I now see that some of the work I’ve done in protecting the environment can also be a doorway to improving the standard of living, namely improving the energy efficiency of the homes and businesses in the region.

Much of this site will be dedicated to energy efficiency particularly at the home level (you will find links to “Musings of an Energy Nerd” in the feed to the right), but other parts will address other issues of concern to the region and that have the potential to help or harm the quality of life: government, transportation, agriculture, health care, etc..

I’m also hosting periodic house concerts and I will be posting information about these here, too. If you’re free and in the neighborhood, stop by for one!

I hope you enjoy the posts and respond with new ideas. I’m pleased to have constructive criticism, but I’m going to refrain from political and ideological rants on this site and I ask commentators to do the same.