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Please Join Me in Celebrating Tedra’s 52nd Birthday!

Monday, August 26th, 5 – 7 PM
465 Old Market Rd., Sanfordville

The event will be catered by: 

Will Trithart
Owner/Chef, The Big Spoon

Gail Anderson
Owner/Chef, The Marigold Kitchen & Bakery

Wally Siebel
Executive Chef, the Hermitage

It’s that time again. Time to celebrate Tedra’s birthday and pull together to get her elected to the House of Representatives. For me, the thought of serving the community by spending weeks of my life in Washington gives me palpitations but Tedra has selflessly agreed to run for office to make a difference that will go far beyond the North Country.

I have had the honor of working with Tedra on the Energy Task Force she created when she was a County Legislator and on numerous other endeavors. She is one of those rare people who is more interested in ends than means; someone who knows the difference between values and ideology. I believe that she has the capability to be a catalyst for change in a body that values political capital over results.

So it is also my honor to host this celebration and fundraiser for Tedra.

Suggested Contribution Levels:

$52 Guest | $104 Friend
$250 gift | $520 Birthday Blast

Everyone is invited and welcome, and donations of any amount are important and appreciated! Please make contributions payable to “Committee to Elect Tedra Cobb” or contribute and RSVP online HERE.For more information on becoming a host or to RSVP, please contact Ella Kruczynska, Tedra’s Finance Director, at or (603) 930-3799

Contributions or gifts to The Committee to Elect Tedra Cobb are not tax-deductible. Printed in-house, labor donated.

❑ Birthday Blast: $520 ❑ gift:: $250 ❑ Friend: $104 ❑ Guest: $52
❑ I wish to support Tedra Cobb at the amount of $ _________

Please write and send checks to:
The Committee to Elect Tedra Cobb
P.O. Box 713
Canton, NY  13617

RSVP by Email to
Or call (603-930-3799)

Federal law requires us to use our best efforts to collect and report the name, mailing address, occupation and name of employer of individuals whose contributions exceed $200 in an election cycle.

To contribute by credit card, please return this completed form or click HERE to donate and RSVP online.

Name: _________________________________________________________
Mailing Address: __________________________________________________
City/St/Zip: _____________________________________________________
Occupation: _____________________________________________________
Employer: ______________________________________________________
Daytime Phone:__________________

Contribution Amount: $________
Billing Address (If different than above):
Card Number: ________________________Expiration Date:____________

Contributions to The Committee to Elect Tedra Cobb are not tax-deductible. The Committee may accept contributions of up to $2,800 per election from individuals and non-multi-candidate PACs ($5,600 for the primary and general elections combined), and $5,000 per election from federal multi-candidate PACs ($10, 000 for the primary and general elections combined)

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Down to the Wire: Another Benefit Concert For Tedra

Mark Lyon
Mary Ann Casale

Sunday, October 28, 4:00 PM

At The Hermitage
(Robin McClellan’s home)
in Sanfordville.

I am excited that Mary Ann, a dear friend and a regular here, will join Mark for the final benefit of this campaign season at the Hermitage. They were scheduled to kick off this year in January, but when Mary Ann fell ill, it turned into a solo concert for Mark who carried it brilliantly. Now, at last, they will perform together and it should be a great show.

Tedra has had an amazing quarter, raising $715,000, primarily from individual donors and without accepting contributions from corporate PACs. 65% of her donors live in the 21st Congressional District and 87% live in New York State. And she has crisscrossed the district, talking with and listening to the people in it.

I have known Tedra for many years. She combines a passion for the region and those of us who live in it with the ability to work with people of all stripes to craft policies that are effective and fair. This is something sorely needed in these divisive times. I truly believe that she will serve the needs of the people in this district because she knows and understands those needs and will work with colleagues on both sides of the aisle to be effective.  For more information on Tedra go to her web page or her Facebook page.

If you aren’t able to attend and want to donate to her incredible grassroots campaign, click here!

Mark Lyons 01


Mary Ann 2018a

Mary Ann

Mark draws from folk, blues, country, and bluegrass and is guided by nature and ethereal influences. He teaches guitar with the Musical Way Academy. Mary Ann says, “He is a very very very VERY good guitar player. He is very engaging with the audience and his easy way is something that you don’t find too often. He plays to play, not to perform.”

He is also interested in the use of music in the healing arts. “It is my goal to make people feel when they listen to my music,” said Mark. In addition to playing, he built his own guitar in local luthier, Tracy Cox’s shop. He is recording at SUNY Potsdam this fall and winter and hopes to release his first album soon. He is also working on a full band project.

Mary Ann has had a  busy year of touring both as a duo with Tas Cru and a member of his Band of Tortured Souls. With over 60 performances from the famous Rum Boogie Café on Beal Street in Memphis to a summer filled with festivals throughout the northeast and Canada, this has been a year of travel. She has also logged in many hours recording full backup vocals for 3 of Tas’ albums at Subcat Studios in Syracuse. Her Sammy Award (Syracuse Area Music Award) nominated album, Restless Heart has gotten a good amount of national and international airplay.

2018 was a busy year as she set out to join the band mid-tour with a lineup of 7 shows in Topeka, Kansas, and Memphis in mid-January. This tour had also earned her a spot on the acclaimed Women in Blues Showcase Stage in Memphis. She has co-written two songs Heal My Soul and the acclaimed Memphis Song for Tas Cru’s latest album, Memphis Song,  as well as adding multiple vocal tracks for that album. After a full summer of performances both locally, nationally, and in Canada, she’s currently writing for two new projects. She continues to do small concert venues locally and on the national blues festival circuit and is booking into 2019.

I hope you’ll be able to come out and listen to great music and support our local candidate for Congress.


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Just In!

I have 2 upcoming events on September 16 and 18 and I want to make sure that you don’t miss them because one was lost below the fold!

September 16: An evening of fine food, beer, and music, to benefit Planned Parenthood (Reservations Required).

September 18: A musical benefit for Tedra for Congress with Gretchen Koehler and Daniel Kelly.

Click the links for more details about each of them (or just scroll down); they both promise to be lovely!

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A Benefit for Tedra for Congress

Gretchen Koehler
Daniel Kelly

Light Refreshments from
Big Spoon Kitchen

Tuesday, September 18, 7 PM

The Hermitage (Robin McClellan’s)

Koehler and Kelly 01

It’s an honor to host another benefit for Tedra, this time with two world-acclaimed musicians, local fiddler Gretchen Koehler and pianist Daniel Kelly. Among the terms used to describe them are “genre-busting,” “irresistible rhythmic environments,” “captivating soundscapes,” and “a delivery that ranges from elegant to fierce, searing to sensitive. ” But my favorite accolade comes from another local musical legend, Barb Heller, on, “Koehler & Kelly deliver The Picture and The Thousand Words.” (For more about this fine duo, check out their website.)

But wait, there’s more! In addition to the music and comradery, there will be light refreshments provided by the inimitable Big Spoon Kitchen. This local venture is new, but its founders, Rose Rivezzi and her son Will Trithart, have been cooking, eating and appreciating healthy and tasty food all their lives. This is a great opportunity to sample their savory delights and find out more about their weekly take-home meals.

I do hope you’ll be able to join me for an evening of fine food and fine sounds and to offer generous support to Tedra’s campaign for Congress.

This is an open event so please disseminate this invitation or its contents widely. The campaign is also trying to gauge how many people will be coming so please RSVP to if you can…but if you find yourself free at the last minute, come anyway.

If you can’t make the event and want to donate to Tedra’s campaign you can do that here.

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Craft Beer and Harvest Bounty: A Benefit for Planned Parenthood of North Country New York

Tapas of the Season from our Local Farmers
Prepared by Legendary Local Chef Wally Siebel

Award-Winning Beer from Master Brewer Nathan Drake
Township 7 Brewery, Dickinson Center, NY

Luscious, sweet treats prepared by Gail Anderson
Owner of the new Marigold Kitchen and Bakery in Potsdam

Music will be provided by local guitar prodigy Mark Lyon

Sunday, September 16, 3-5 PM
At the Hermitage
465 Old Market Rd.

For the benefit of Planned Parenthood of the North Country New York


Wally’s fabulous dishes crafted from the finest local fresh produce will delight your palate. Nate will share his exquisite beer and expertise in brewing, describing each beer, the flavors, and how they are brewed. Gail will give you an advanced taste of what’s to come in her new restaurant (opening this fall on Market St.) Mark’s sonorous guitar and Robin’s Adirondack style home will provide the setting for these gustatory delights.

Most importantly, all proceeds will go to support Planned Parenthood of Northern New York’s critical role of providing reproductive health care to local men and women at a time when it is critically needed.

So I hope you’ll join us for this event, perhaps the most ambitious one I’ve planned for the Hermitage. It features two chefs, a brewer, and a musician and, as always, a worthy cause.

$75 per person
Space is limited to 28 people, so please reserve early!
Call Lucille to RSVP at 315-782-1818 ext. 249 or send a check to PPNCNY, 160 Stone St., Watertown, NY 13601, by September 7.


A little more about the Beer, Bounty, and Music

Wally Seibel has been enjoying cooking and eating for as long as I’ve known him (and that’s a long time!). He has been guest chef at many local restaurants, including the award-winning 1844 House, and was the restaurant critic for the Watertown Daily Times for nine years.

I met Nate Drake, founder of Township 7 Brewing Co., when he returned to his ancestral home in Dickinson Center from Alaska. We shared some stories about brewing and he mentioned he was going to start brewing again. When I tasted his first brew, I had a feeling he had the touch. It was only when I tasted his Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout–and liked it–that I knew he had a real gift.


Marigold Kitchen and Bakery Logo

Gail Anderson and I met when we served on the Board of the Potsdam Coop. As a former restaurant owner, she brought a sound knowledge of business and food to the Board. I had the pleasure of sampling some of her creations when she brought them to the Board meetings and at dinner at her house. I am thrilled that she is opening a new restaurant, the Marigold Kitchen and Bakery, on Market St. in Potsdam, so I will be able to enjoy her fine cooking more frequently!

Mark Lyons 01

My dear friend of many years, Mary Ann Casale, had been raving about a young local guitarist, Mark Lyon. Finally, last January, she scheduled a concert here with him. Nearly on the eve of the concert, she fell ill and Mark was left to play the gig alone. And Mary Ann was right, he is a truly talented musician.

Mark draws from folk, blues, country, and bluegrass and is guided by nature and ethereal influences. He teaches guitar with the Musical Way Academy. Mary Ann says, “He is a very very very VERY good guitar player. He is very engaging with the audience and his easy way is something that you don’t find too often. He plays to play, not to perform.”

He is also interested in the use of music in the healing arts and has been accompanying Becky Harblin during Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Baths. “It is my goal to make people feel when they listen to my music,” said Mark. In addition to playing, he built his own guitar in local luthier, Tracy Cox’s shop.

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