Aerial Solar Tour

Today my old friend Robbie Klein invited me to take a ride in the airplane he built to take some photos of some solar systems that have been installed in the area. Scott Shipley from Northern Lights Energy, a veteran installer in the area, gave me a list of possible installations (his and others) that might be interesting. We started with my house since it was the easiest to find and then progressed down the list.

It was my first shot at navigating from the air (as well as my first time in a plane that small) and we had limited luck at best. Robbie was great at banking the plane so I could get a good shot, but my stomach was less enthusiastic about the maneuver. The simple digital camera performed pretty well (and I’m sure that looking through the viewfinder of an SLR would have sent my stomach elsewhere), so I have only myself to blame for the mediocre quality of the photos. Still, worth sharing.

Thanks to Robbie and Scott!

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