Alexander Keith’s Brewery

And what trip of mine would be complete with a brewery tour? None. After breakfast at Shaw’s, we headed back to Halifax and signed on to the first tour of the day at Alexander Keith’s brewery. The tour took place at the site of the original brewery and much of the compound had been kept intact. Unlike most brewery tours, this was of the original brewery and was more “drinking theatre” than a tour. Actresses in period costumes led us through parts of the building under the guise of meeting “Mr. Keith” who kept getting delayed. The equipment didn’t appear to be in use, but the copper shone brightly and distracted me from the theatre. It was a little corny, but enjoyable none the less.


Our tour guide


The mash tun and lauter tun


Left to right: boiling kettle, lauter tun and mash tun.


The hot liquor tank



Fermentation vessels

Then it was on to the airport to drop Zeke and Christina and time for me to head for home!

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