I was joined for the last weekend of the trip by Zeke and Christina. It was just great to travel with them! Zeke and I had some adventures together in the Republic of Georgia and the Yucatan and Christina knows Zeke well enough to expect the not always riveting conversations Zeke and I get going on…so she got a little more sleep than we did.

We started our Saturday afternoon in Halifax with a lunch at the Henry House with Jen Clarke. More great Nova Scotia seafood with the pleasant addition of local microbrews was had on the porch of a building constructed in the 1700’s. From there we walked along the waterfront taking in the sights.

There was a great kid friendly sculpture of a wave (or a tongue!) that kids could run up and slide down. It was surrounded at the base by foam so the landing was gentle. Kids spent many happy hours playing King of the Tongue…


Hanging a Pirate is quite special

The Maritime Museum was a huge and interesting place. In addition to the exhibits inside, there was a retired research vessel, the Acadia, moored in front for tours (included in the admission price). As noted earlier, there were the exhibits about the Titanic and the Halifax munitions ship explosion.

Halifax Maritime Museum

Halifax Maritime Museum

We checked into our hotel room across Halifax Harbour in Dartmouth and took the ferry back across to cruise the waterfront for dinner. Unfortunately the Bicycle Thief, our restaurant of choice (thanks to Jen!) had an hour wait and at least one of our party couldn’t wait that long (nor did the other want to). We settled on the Seafood Warehouse.

Now I am by nature skeptical of most anything with “warehouse” in the name, it conjures up pallets of the stuff—and the only think I like to get on pallets is usually made of cast iron and goes in my shop. Adding to my skepticism was the fact that there wasn’t a wait. In this case my low expectations led to a good experience. The food wasn’t Lavena’s but it wasn’t bad.

Making our way back to the ferry, we took the ferry back over to Dartmouth and decided to stop in the “Celtic Corner” pub near the terminal. What a treat! There was good food and beer, but the high point was the local Celtic band and the enthusiastic audience. It really reminded me of Scotland and Ireland.

Music at the Celtic Corner, Dartmouth

Music at the Celtic Corner, Dartmouth

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