Alex Smith

Saturday, June 3
7:30 PM

Robin McClellan’s
(The Hermitage)

$10 Admission

Alex is coming back for another concert! Everyone who plays here brings something unique and for me, Alex superpower is his songwriting. Not to diminish his skills on the guitar and his great pipes, but Alex is a master storyteller. Walking confidently in the footsteps of Bill Morrisey, Greg Brown, John Hartford, and, of course, Stan Rogers, he captures people in their relationship with each other and the place they live.

Since his appearance last November, Alex has recorded a live album at the legendary Caffè Lena’s, scheduled for release in mid-July. He is also on track for 200 shows this year though that hasn’t stopped him from preparing for a new studio album, “Fuel, Air,
Compression, Spark.”

Alex grew up in Long Lake, in the heart of New York’s Adirondack Park, and his music strives first and foremost to echo the culture of that area. He builds songs from a blend of traditional folk harmony and strikingly modern lyrics, confronting today’s most pressing issues with grace while paying homage to the musical tradition of the region.

Alex’ characters, though fictional, live and breathe a balance between beauty and imperfection. His stories draw on the triumphs and hardships of friends, relatives, and neighbors near and far, and he has worked tirelessly to carry the music of northern New York to audiences nationwide.

I hope you will join me in celebrating his return!

“Alex is a wonderful poetic writer who captures words full of meaning, matching them with creative music that creeps quietly into the past at the same time as dancing with the present, and sneaking a peek at the future.”
    – Bob Everhart, Country Music News International
“Alex is a natural storyteller with a rich voice who is creating poignant songs rooted in the heritage of his Adirondack home.”
    – Sarah Craig, Caffe Lena (Saratoga Springs, NY)

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