Paul Meyers 

Benefit for Tedra Cobb’s
Campaign for Congress

Monday, July 30, 7 PM

The Hermitage (Robin McClellan’s)

Paul is a world-renowned jazz guitarist based in New York City. He spent his high school years in Potsdam and studied at Crane with Dick Stephan. Since then, he has had a career of touring, teaching, and playing the New York scene with an amazing number of stellar musicians (for a more complete bio, see his website). Every summer, though, he comes back to the North Country to relax with family and grace a few local audiences with his beautiful sound. 

Paul was the second person to play a house concert here and has come back on numerous occasions, sometimes alone and sometimes with other musicians. I’m thrilled to welcome him back, this time to play a benefit for another old friend of mine, Tedra Cobb who, you may have heard, is running for Congress. I hope you’ll be able to come to hear Paul play, talk with Tedra, and donate a little (or a lot) to her campaign.

For more information click here to go to my website where you will find directions to the Hermitage.

This is an open event so please disseminate this invitation or its contents widely. The campaign is also trying to gauge how many people will be coming so RSVP to if you can…but if you find yourself free at the last minute, come anyway.

If you can’t make the event and want to donate to Tedra’s campaign you can do that here.


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3 responses to “Paul Meyers 

  1. Nanette Beattie Bracken

    Just reaching out. I think you may be a cousin of mine. If you grew up in Geneseo and your parents were Robert and Jeanette. If so and if you wish I’ll write more later. Just came upon your name (after meeting an elderly couple from Geneseo who said they knew the McClellan family there) and I thought I’d reach out. If not kindly pardon the intrusion.

  2. Nanette Bracken

    Geez – sorry Robin- I just found this reply this am. I cannot tell you the couple’s name at this point. It was a while back. But I grew up in Rochester NY (daughter of John Beattie if that name rings a bell) and now live in CT. Our families got together several times during our growing up years. Maybe you can send along your email to me (I’m not on facebook or instagram etc) My email is
    Looks like you have a pretty wonderful life upstate!
    Warm regards
    PS My husband and I get to travel at lot and we leave Friday on a long trip during which time we’ll be pretty much without easy communication access (Mongolia!)

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